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Uptown Montessori School is a private institute offering programs designed to complement the Montessori philosophy.

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Welcome to Uptown Montessori School!

Here are some instructions and notes to follow as you fill out this application form for your child.

1. Please make sure that you fill in all the required information in the form. Each section that has a red star is required to be filled so that we can ensure the best for your child!

2. For Infants, parents are required to bring their child's food.

3. As you fill this form please make sure that you check to see if there are any required documents that you need to bring to UMS so that we can make sure that your child will be safe at our school.

4. After you complete the application form, you must submit a deposit fee of $200 in order to confirm your enrollment in our school. This deposit is non-refundable and the actual program fees are to be paid at our school in person.

5. Once payment is received, you will receive an email regarding the successful transaction with a receipt, this receipt proves that you have submitted the form and have made your payment to UMS. You will need to retain this email and print a copy to bring on the first day you and your child come to our school.

6. Further information regarding the payment method and instructions to follow will be provided at the end of this form.

Thank you for being part of our Uptown Family!
We hope to see you and your child soon!

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Uptown Montessori School
61 Creditview Road, Unit 2,
Woodbridge, ON, L4L 9T1

Fees Schedule

Program: Infant (6 months - 18 months)
Scheduling: 5 Full Days  Monthly Rate: $1295
Scheduling: 5 Extended Days  Monthly Rate: $1395

Program: Pre-Casa (1.5 years - 2.5 years)
Scheduling: 5 Full Days (Lunch Included) Monthly Rate: $1150
Scheduling: 5 Extended Days (Lunch Included) Monthly Rate: $1250

Program: Casa (2.5 years - 5.5 years)
Scheduling: 5 Full Days (Lunch Included) Monthly Rate: $1000
Scheduling: 5 Extended Days (Lunch Included) Monthly Rate: $1100

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