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Vaughan's I.T. program for kids

Introduce your child to the inner workings of technology and help them develop problem solving skills.

Montessori Casa Program - kids playing

Programs for children 6 months to 6 years of age

Conveniently located near HWY 400 & Langstaff Rd.

Our programs complement the Montessori philosophy

Safe, healthy, and stimulating school environment

Selecting the right program for your child is a big decision!

As a parent, you want the best for your child. Ensure they have a safe, healthy and nurturing learning environment.


What safety protocols are in place at your child's daycare or school?


What type of nutrition plan does your child's daycare or school provide?


What type of learning environment and materials are provided?

Love the School. My daughter has been going here for the last two years and we can’t wait to enrol our son in January.
Amy Wagg

Engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate...

Programming is a great way to teach a child problem-solving skills and introduce them to the inner workings of technology.

And iOS highlights the usefulness of programming via the immediacy of the iPhone and iPad. This course loosely follows the five-E format used in many science and math classrooms. The five Es are:

Engage - We connect past and present learning experiences and make it interesting for the student.

Explore - We develop the concepts, processes, and skills, and provide students with the opportunity to manipulate code themselves.

Explain - We discuss core facts and provide formal terms and definitions of programming concepts.

Elaborate - We extend the experience and allow students to practice new skills and find new interests.

Evaluate - We asssess the student's knowledge by giving them a task and asking them to solve it.

Montessori Casa Program - kids playing

Enrolling your child in our Kids I.T. Program is easy!

Just follow the steps below to put your child on the path to a safe, healthy and nurturing learning experience!

Step One:
Contact us

Contact us to learn if our school is the right fit for you and your child

Step Two:
Reserve a spot

Once you've decided our school is the right fit, reserve a spot for your child

Step Three:
Peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is in a safe and nurturing environment

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Ontario Child Care - A Parent's Navigation Guide

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