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Casa Program

Our case program is for ages: 2.5 years – 6 years, and is conveniently located in Woodbridge (Vaughan)

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Casa Program

The Montessori Casa Program is focused around five main curriculum areas. These are Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Culture. The Montessori materials utilized in our Casa Program are designed to stimulate the child's senses and coordinate movement which will prepare them for reading, writing and life skills development.

The child in Casa learns through practicing with an array of materials that are presented to them. Each child’s development progresses with his or her own natural rhythm and while discovering through concrete experiences, children gain a thorough understanding of what they are learning.

This lays the foundation for the ability to carry out more complex future work. Our Casa program strives to increase the child’s independence while also developing their ability to be patient and cooperative.

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