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Kids I.T. Program

Our kids I.T. program is for all ages, and is conveniently located in Woodbridge (Vaughan))

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Kids IT Program

Programming is a great way to teach a child problem-solving skills and introduce them to the inner workings of technology.

And iOS highlights the usefulness of programming via the immediacy of the iPhone and iPad. This course loosely follows the five-E format used in many science and math classrooms. The five Es are:

Engage, where we connect past and present learning experiences and we make it interesting for the student.

Explore. We develop the concepts, processes, and skills, and then we give the students a chance to manipulate the code themselves. 

Explain, we discuss the core facts, we give formal terms and definitions of the programming concepts.

Elaborate, we extend the experience and allow students to practice new skills and find new interests.

Evaluate Assessing the student's knowledge by giving them a task and asking them to solve it.

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